Collect ice and snow when drilling holes in your ice house or shanty

Ice House, Shanty Slush Bucket Catches Ice Auger Shavings

A slush bucket collects snow and ice when drilling a hole in your ice house or shanty Keep ice out of ice house or shanty

No more wet carpet or slippery floors. Catch Cover's Slush Bucket collects ice shavings, keeping your fish house floor dry, and while cleaning ice from the holes 4X faster. The auger hole in the Slush Bucket is offset so it fits into tight corners and against walls, and it works with all augers up to 10 inches. Virtually indestructible, the Slush Bucket is rotational-molded from the same materials use to make whitewater-kayaks, and has a rolled edge making it easy to grab with gloves on.

To use, remove the Catch Cover lid and mate the ring on the bottom of the Slush Bucket inside the ring of the hole cover, then auger your hole. Ice shavings fall right into the Slush Bucket! Dump the ice shavings outside and you are ready to fish.

• Outside dimensions - 18.5" x 25.5"
• Minimum wall clearance - 2 5/8"