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round or square

We've put over 200,000 Original Catch Covers in fish houses and our breakage rate is a fraction of one percent, Beware of imported imitation products, the Catch Cover name is molded into every part!

Round Hole Cover
Square Hole Cover
Safety Cover
Spear Hole Cover

hole covers keep snow, dirt, and road salt out

round catch cover

The original and #1 selling ice house or ice shanty hole cover on the market. Original Round Catch Covers are the most popular choice for new fish house construction. They keep snow, dirt, and road salt out of your ice house, and stay in place when traveling over the roughest roads. They also keep out rodents in the summertime. The handle folds flush, is easy to grab with gloved hands, and won't twist out.

Original Catch Covers give you a professional, finished look, and the flange extends down to protect in-floor insulation. Injection molded out of the proper blend of low-temperature plastics, they won't crack or warp - no matter how cold it is. These ice house or ice shanty covers are designed to be driven over with an ATV and snapped back into place by stepping on them.


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square catch cover

Replaces homemade plywood covers. Original Square Catch Covers are most often used to retrofit ice houses that have square holes in the floor already, or can be used if you prefer to cut your holes in with a circle saw. They have the same features and are just as tough as the Original Round Catch Covers.


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Safety cover

Prevent valuables from falling down and open hole. Born of necessity; Catch Cover's Safety Cover keeps cell phones, keys, pets, and kids from falling in an open fishing hole. The Safety Cover rests in the Catch Cover ring and works with or without Hole Sleeves. The injection-molded honey-comb design makes it strong, while maintaining airflow so the hole doesn't ice up. You can fish with Safety Cover in-place; and it has a built-in base to use with our Rattlesnake Reel.


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Spear hole cover

Now injected with structural foam, Catch Cover's Spear Hole Cover gives dark house anglers a super durable, insulated hole cover that will last a lifetime. The Spear Hole lid has a single round Catch Cover mounted in the middle for times when all you need is an angling hole. Mounting hardware not included. 

• Rough floor cutout - 24.5" x 40.5", 
• Spearing hole size -  24" x 36"
• Frame depth -  1"