why catch cover

best in the industry

A hole cover is a hole cover right? Sure, until you break it! Hopefully you didn't step through it and hurt yourself, or coat the inside of your fish house with road salt when the lid popped off on a rough, sloppy road. Insisting on Original Catch Covers prevents these situations from ever being a problem.

why catch cover products?

five good reasons to insist on the original

1) Proven track record of durability.  In the past decade, we've put over 200,000 Original Catch Covers into fish houses and our breakage rate is a fraction of one percent! That's why Original Catch Covers are used by nearly every commercial ice house manufacturer. Original Catch Covers survive the abuse that ice fishing dishes out, as does every ice house accessory we manufacture!

2) Protect the contents of your fish house. Original Catch Covers keep snow, dirt, road salt out of your fish house. Their tight fit prevent them from popping out when traveling over rough roads, keeping your interior and expensive gear clean.

3) Proudly Made in Minnesota. Original Catch Cover Products are designed, molded, assembled, and packaged right here in Minnesota. This gives us hands-on quality control & minimizes shipping costs. Chinese-made imitation products boast they cost a few bucks less upfront, but Original Catch Covers are an investment in quality, saving you money in the years ahead. You will never need to replace Original Catch Covers, and we'll never have to apologize for American-made quality. Beware of imitations, the Catch Cover name is molded into every part!

4) We add value to your fish house. Modern "wheel houses" are year-round recreational vehicles and a major investment. Fish houses with quality Catch Cover accessories installed are more functional and have higher resale values.

5) The Catch Cover No-Question Guarantee. Our put-your-money-where-your-mouth-is guarantee is as simple as it sounds; all Original Catch Cover Products are backed for life.