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New for 2016/17 our Moon Glow Hole Sleeves and Handle Trap are two more products that make life inside your fish house just a little bit better!

products that keep INNOVATING the industry

moon glow sleeve

Illuminate ice holes all night long providing an extra measure of safety when your rattle reel goes off at 2 a.m. It has taken several years to find a phosphorescent additive that measures up to our standard for long lasting brightness without compromising the strength of the material. Catch Cover Moon Glow Sleeves put off a greenish light that offers great contrast and recharges quickly in daylight or by shining them with a flashlight. Moon Glow Hole Sleeves keep your ice house warmer and safer!

handle trap

A "must have" for wheelhouse camping, the Handle Trap keeps lid handles down. Simply press the Handle Trap into the cavity on the Catch Cover lid to prevent stubbed toes and tripping over a handle left in the up position. Molded of durable SarlinkĀ® material, the Handle Trap stays in place, is easy to remove, and prevents dirt and debris from finding its way into the handle cavity when sweeping the floor.