rod holders & rattle reels

with quick-disc wall mount

Unmatched versatility. That's what our rod holders and rattle reels offer. Swap holes, remove them for auguring, or take them out for camping in the summer. The only bad thing about the Quick-Disc System is you can never have too many Wall Pucks!

rod holders & rattle reels swap easily with quick-disc wall mount

multi-flex rod holders

Position your ice rod perfectly. Multi-Flex Rod Holders feature our Quick-Disc Wall Mount that allow you to interchange the rod holder with our Rattlesnake Reel, Pro-Snake mount or cup holder. They are also available with a c-clamp that fits onto the tubing of portable fish houses up to 1-inch in diameter. Spinning reels rest in the pivoting rod cradle that allow you to see the lightest bites without using a bobber. When a fish bites your rod tip will move up or down, signaling a strike. Your rod stays secure in the cradle, but is easy to remove when you have a fish on the line.

rattlesnake reels

Rattlesnake Reels are the ultimate ice fishing rattle reel! The Multi-Flex arm allows you to position the reel exactly where you want it (very helpful for corner holes.) Rattlesnake reels include the Quick-Disc Wall Mount that allows you to move the Rattlesnake hole-to-hole, or interchange them with other Catch Cover accessories. Adjustable spool tension lets you set the right amount of resistance for the bait you are fishing with. Each turn of the spool equals one-foot in line depth.

quick-disc wall pucks

Mount one next to every hole in the fish house. You can't have too many extra Quick-Disc Wall Pucks. They are easy to mount and work with all of our Multi-Flex Accessories. Sold two-per pack.