ice house accessories

all the conveniences of home

Ever sit in your fish house and think "I wish I had a.."  We have, and all of our fish house accessories do the same thing; they make your home on the ice just a little bit nicer.

easily swap accessories with the quick-disk wall mount system

pro-snake mounts

Perfectly positions point-of-view cameras and other electronics. Pro-Snake Mounts feature our Multi-Flex arm for infinite adjustment and are available with a 1" c-clamp mount or the Quick-Disc Wall Mount. The end has a standard 1/4 x 20 threaded bolt.

12-Volt ceiling fan

Keep heat well distributed throughout your fish house with this 12-volt Ceiling Fan. The fan hangs down 4-1/2" from the ceiling, has 20" diameter blades, and a direct drive motor for quiet operation with low amp draw.

Multi-flex cup holder

Securely hold cans, bottles, and Koozies. The Quick-Disc Cup Holder uses the Quick-Disc Wall Mount so it is interchangeable with our rod holders and Rattlesnake Reels. Also makes a handy, next-to-the hole minnow container!

quick-disc wall pucks

Mount one next to every hole in the fish house. You can't have too many extra Quick-Disc Wall Pucks. They are easy to mount and work with all of our Multi-Flex Accessories. Sold two-per pack.

fish house shelves

These handy shelves fit almost anywhere and feature foam lined trays to help keep your fish house neat and organized. The Wall Shelf spans 16" on-center wall studs and has a molded in beverage holder. 

• Wall Shelf 17.5" x 3.5", 
• Corner Shelf 12.75" x 7"

Pro snake smart phone holder

The Pro Snake Smart Phone Holder securely holds your valuable phone for use and adjusts to virtually any position. Available with either our Quick Disc Wall Mount or 1” C-clamp mount, the Pro-Snake Smart Phone Holder is great for fish houses, boats, golf carts, bikes, and much more. Foam pads guard against shock and vibration. Works with most smart phones up to 2.95” wide including the iPhone 6® and SamsungGalaxy S6®.

catch cover lid bracket

Turn the Catch Cover lid into a shelf or store lids flush against the wall. Able to hold up to 10-pounds, the Lid Bracket mounts perfectly next to the hole and is a great spot to set your fish finder.

handle trap

Designed for the times you use your fish house as a camper. Insert the Handle Trap into the Catch Cover lid to prevent tripping over a handle accidentally left in the up position. The handle trap also makes sweeping your floor easier by keeping debris out of the handle cavity. Sold two per pack.

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